lets break it down 

​Preparation & What We Ask Of You:Remove any wall hangings including pictures, paintings, etc and remove any breakable/fragile pieces and small items from the furniture that will be moved for the project. 

What We Will Take Care Of:Our crew will move all large furniture to the center of the rooms and al furniture and flooring will be covered/protected prior to any work being started.If any wall hangings will be hung in the same areas when the project is finished, we ask that you let the crew foreman know so we do not repair any unnecessary nail/screw holes and will prevent you from having layout your wall hangings again. Please designate a bathroom for the crew to use as well as a place for clean up.

Clean Up:All protective coverings will be removed and thrown away.  All furniture will be moved back to original spaces.  All rooms that were worked in by our crew will be extensively cleaned prior to leaving. Please note that drywall dust can linger in the air for a few days after the project is complete. 

Warranty:We offer a two-year warranty on all of work. We take pride in what we do and like to make sure that you are happy with our services. After inspection of our work, we’d be happy to send a crew back out to complete any punch list items. *See Warranty exclusions per contract/estimate.*

Sign and Deposit: If you have come to the decision to work with Pro Edge Painting, we require that you send us back the signed proposal along with 1/3 of the deposit. We accept all major credit cards (including American Express), checks, or cash. Please note that a 1.5% processing fee will apply to all credit card transactions.

Scheduling: Once the contract and 1/3 deposit are received, we will contact you to schedule a start date, as well as determine a convenient game plan for your project.  All projects are scheduled in order in which the contracts/deposits are received. All project start dates are subject to change due to weather and unforeseen circumstances. Due to the amount of field employees, we can generally accommodate most scheduling needs.

Color Consultation: Complimentary color consultations with our certified interior designer are available upon request. We highly recommend this service, even if you are certain on your color choices, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion from a professional.* Circumstances Apply - Job Minimum. *

Arrive: Our general workday for interior  projects begins between 8-9am (earlier can be requested) and we start to clean up between 4-5pm (depending on project size).  Our exterior workdays generally go a few more hours to take advantage of daylight.

Workday:During the project, a crew foreman will be on site at all times. The crew leader will be sure to keep you updated throughout the project, and you can feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with him at any time. We also have a Field Supervisor who will check in on projects periodically to help insure each job stays on time, budget, and quality.